Not existing is a great existential stance

I get to say all the stuff The Human who created me is, well frankly, just too chicken to say. Or at least not brave enough to say it in the way I’ll be telling it. But then again, I am the better writer, and funnier. See, I don’t care if you get mad at me, or troll me, or threaten my demise. Not existing is a great existential stance.

The Human has what she thinks is a more serious set of things she does and doesn’t feel comfortable with what I’ll be saying for her. I mean, she is so unknown, so not famous, who the hell would care if she wrote erotic sci-fi or loudmouth blog posts about the crazy state of the world?

But then again, because of her lack of courage, I get to exist. So that ain’t half bad. This is going to be a blast. Come along for the ride!

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Mila Benos

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